Magnet Size: 25x2mm (Diameter x Thickness)
Adhesive Size: 23x1mm (Diameter x Thickness)
Adhesive Type: 3M VHB
Package includes: 4pcs magnets

Type: Neodymium

Shape: Disc / Circular / Round
Magnetization: Axial Magnetization

Grade: N35


If you wish to purchase a specific number of pieces (i.e. Less than that in a pack, or more than that in a pack), or you are unable to find the size / type of magnet you want, feel free to contact us. For self collect / other payment methods (e.g. paynow, paylah, bank transfer, cash), do contact us as well.


NOTE, please ensure that your surface is clean and free of dust before you apply the adhesive magnet. Also ensure that your surface is flat. Please also check that the magnet size / strength is suitable for your application. 


WARNING, these magnets are not toys. These magnets are strong but BRITTLE. Do not drop, slam, or let them attract together forcefully. They may break or chip. 


Please also check the size of the magnets you are purchasing is the one you require.

For Small Magnets: While it is strong for its small size, if your application requires stronger magnets, do consider our larger magnets or purchase more pieces.

For Large magnets: Please exercise caution when using. They are very strong. Not liable for injuries arising from usage. 


1) Please allow for some differences in measurement (i.e. tolerance +/- mm)

2) The colour of the magnet may vary from image due to different lighting conditions.

3) Some imperfections may exist on the magnets (i.e. lines, minor chips or indents on edges, spots, etc)   


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. 

25x2mm Adhesive Neodymium Magnet (23x1mm adhesive) - 4pcs/pack