Size: 10mm Width, 2mm Thickness
Tol: +/-0.4mm

Type: Flexible Rubber Magnet
Package includes: 1m magnet with normal adhesive tape


If you wish to purchase a specific length (i.e. Less than that of 1m, or more than that of 10m per roll), or you are unable to find the size / type of magnet you want, feel free to contact us. For self collect / other payment methods (e.g. paynow, paylah, bank transfer, cash), do contact us as well.


Do not place these magnets with other magnet types (e.g. neodymium). it will affect its magnetism.


Please also check the size of the magnets you are purchasing is the one you require. Please note that these magnets are "Weak". These magnets can attract / repel. Rotate the magnet strip for it to attract / repel. 


1) Please allow for some differences in measurement (i.e. tolerance +/- mm)

2) The colour of the magnet may vary from image due to different lighting conditions.

3) Some imperfections may exist on the magnets (i.e. lines, indents on edges, spots, etc)   


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. 

10mm Width, 2mm Thk - Flexible Rubber Magnet with Tape - 1 meter