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Size: Dia. 60mm inclusive of steel shell - please see images for additional dimensions
Shape: Disc / Round Pot
Fixture: External Threaded Stud
Grade: N35
Magnet Plating: NiCuNi


Type: Neodymium
Magnetization: Axial Magnetization (All pieces provided are of the same pole. i.e. the magnets will repel reach other. If you require opposing poles - i.e. require the magnets to attract to each other, please contact us)
Package includes: 1 pc magnet
Other Remarks: Pot magnets direct magnetism in one direction, the side covered with the steel shell will have little to no magnetism. Pull force provided is based on perfect tensile conditions, other surface materials and test conditions will likely result in much lower pull force readings.


WARNING: These are not toys. Please exercise extreme caution when handling magnets. Do not swallow, do not inhale, do not expose over heat & flames, keep away from sensitive medical & critical devices (e.g. pacemakers). 


1) Please allow for some differences in measurement (i.e. tolerance +/- mm)

2) The colour of the magnet may vary from image due to different lighting conditions.
3) Some imperfections may exist on the magnets (i.e. lines, minor chips, indents on edges, spots, etc)


If there is insufficient quantity on our website or if you require another product size or type, feel free to contact us. Not all our products are listed on our website. More quantity, other products and services are also available.

For self collection and other payment methods / terms (e.g. E-Invoice, Credit Terms, PayNow, PayLah, Bank Transfer, Cash), please contact us first.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other queries. 

Dia. 60mm External Threaded Stud Pot - Neodymium Magnet - 1 piece

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