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More sizes, strength grades and bar designs available. For more information / purchase of other items / magnet only / bar only / spare parts. Please contact us. 



Size: Dia. 78 (63mm Diameter - Including steel shell)

Type: Neodymium

Shape: Pot Magnet + Eyenut
Package includes: 1 magnet with 304SS Handle Bar and eyenut (bar provided may or may not be sealed onto magnet depending on urgency of order, please contact in advance if you have a preference - sealed or unsealed)
Other Information: - 


WARNING, ensure that this magnet works for your intended purpose**. Please ensure that this magnet is of sufficient strength for your use and of appropiate usability before the actual dive. Ensure magnet and bar is in good condition, has no defects and is of complete usability before each dive. This also applies to users who wish to use this magnet for other purposes such as securing objects, lifting objects, etc. These magnets are strong, use with caution. Not liable for any injuries arising from usage. 


1) Please allow for some differences in measurement (i.e. tolerance +/- mm)

2) The colour of the magnet may vary from image due to different lighting conditions.

3) Some imperfections may exist on the magnets (i.e. lines, minor indents on edges, spots, etc)   


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. 

SGMM78A - Diving Magnet - Commercial Dive Magnet with Standard Handle Bar

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