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Ferrofluid in a bottle with suspension fluid & magnets set. No additional items are required to use this set. 
Type LD: Ferrofluid will not form spikes when magnet is brought close to ferrofluid.
Type B: Ferrofluid will form spikes when magnet is brought close to ferrofluid.

NOTE: Colour ferrofluid tends to have inconsistencies. 
1) Black spots / patches may be present on coloured ferrofluid. 
2) Suspension fluid may have residual particles floating in them or appear cloudy. 
3) Colour coating may come off if ferrofluid is moved too quickly. 
4) Coloured errofluid may have creases
5) Contents may be stuck to sides of bottle more easily. 
Please see full list of things to note in the listing's images. 

Safety Notes:

Do NOT open bottle, do NOT tamper with the bottle and do NOT break the bottle.

Keep away from heat and flame.

Keep bottle in upright position (for excess fluids and bubbles to collate at the top).

Not suitable for children - glass bottle breaks upon dropping.


In the event that the bottle has been broken, do not swallow, do not inhale, do not allow contact with skin, do not allow contact with eyes with any of the liquid contained in the bottle.


For just the ferrofluid only / for other accessories and magnets, please view our other listings / contact us.

Silver Ferrofluid (LD) Display Bottle - Colored Ferro Magnetic Liquid

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